The Federal Government’s Refusal to Publish Terrorism Sponsors


The Federal Government’s Refusal to Publish Terrorism Sponsors

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, has continued to perplex Nigerians and the rest of the world with its policies on jihadist terrorism, the country’s main security challenge FastNews reports

Thousands of jihadist fighters have escaped justice thanks to the use of Operation Safe Corridor, or OSC, to provide so-called repentant Boko Haram terrorists with a safe and comfortable landing after their heinous crimes against humanity this online news learned.

People who have killed innocent people, set fire to communities and schools, kidnapped thousands of students and women (whom they “married off” to terrorist fighters and forced to convert to Islam), and experts in improvised explosive devices who led hundreds of drugged adherents to carry out suicide bombings have all been returned to the lawful and vulnerable population.

During the previous regimes of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, the government was quick to publish the names of mostly opposition politicians for their alleged involvement in corruption, but it is now hesitant to make the names of suspected terrorists public.

The majority of these “corrupt” politicians have joined the ruling All Progressives Congress, or APC, where they have been warmly welcomed. Senator Ali Ndume, whose name had previously been linked to terrorism, was able to clear his name in court, removing the stigma that such a label had placed on his name.

Several names are being bandied about on social media, despite the government’s refusal to officially name people whose alleged activities have caused more damage to lives and property than any other security challenge since the Civil War. Why is the government refusing to name them and put them on trial so that the innocent can clear their names as well?

Is it because the vast majority of these people are part of a special breed of people- the untouchables? We ask this question because we saw the gusto with which Biafra agitator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was arrested, put on trial, and brought back from Kenya through an extraordinary rendition to continue his trial for “terrorism”.

We also saw how Yoruba Nation agitators led by Chief Sunday Adeyemo, aka Igboho, are being dragged around by the government. But the people who have actually committed real and naked acts of terrorism are being shielded.

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, recently complained of the trouble she was having in convincing the Federal Government of the need to expose the terror sponsors, adding that she was ready to assist in that regard.

The Federal Government’s suspicious handling of terrorists, be they Boko Haram, North West “Bandits” or herdsmen militias contributes to demoralizing our troops on the war fronts. It also falls into the hands of critics who allege that key figures in the administration are “sponsors” or “enablers” of terrorism. The terrorism sponsors must be named and given an open trial.

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